Trucking Accident Litigation and Transportation Law

Trucking and automobile cases present unique challenges that must be dealt with properly and quickly in order to prepare for the defense of these claims. In addition to understanding the special rules and regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry, your lawyer must be able to develop a strategy to address theories of liability, contractual agreements, negligent hiring and supervision, maintenance and inspection problems, and spoliation of evidence.

Trucking operations are governed by a myriad of rules including the rules promulgated by the Federal motor Carrier Safety Administration, State Commercial Drivers License regulations, state and federal rules regarding the use of cellular telephones, accident reconstruction, and human factors issues (sleep deprivation, driving limitations per day, and others). Finally, there are numerous technical issues that must be addressed including Engine Control Module data, QUALCOMM transmissions, and others.

The Bruce Law Firm has handled numerous trucking cases from cases involving wrongful death claims, general and special delivery vehicle accidents, food delivery accidents, automobile accidents and simple property damage matters. We are prepared to use this experience to assist you in resolving trucking and transportation related matters.