October 9

Anonymous complaint leads to $1.9M fine for UAS use

An anonymous tip lead the FAA to investigate an aerial photography companies use of a drone to take photographs for commercial purposes. The investigation occurred during a period of time when laws about drone use were being developed. The result of the investigation is the largest fine yet for unauthorized drone use. See the full article here.

September 2

Drug Testing Airline Crews – Which Laws Win?

A recent case in Minnesota highlights an important legal concept in handling aviation cases–Federal Preemption. In many cases, federal laws take priority over state laws that seem to address the same issue. In this case, it was whether a flight attendant can be fired the first time they fail a drug test while on duty. The full article can be seen here.

September 2

FAA Investigates UAV/Piper Twin midair

This could be the second midair collision between drones and aircraft. The complicated part of mitigating this threat is enforcing airspace rules against people who have no training or certification on aircraft operations in U.S. airspace. The full story on the FAA investigation into this incident can be found here.

August 27

Unstable approach causal for 737 landing gear failure

The NTSB has released it’s final report concerning the Southwest Airlines 737 that landed hard at LaGuardia airport on July 22, 2013. The report states the aircraft was above glide slope and the Captain took control of the aircraft at 27 feet above ground level. “According to FDR data, after the captain took control, the control column was relaxed to a neutral position and the throttles were not advanced until about 1 second before touchdown. The airplane touched down at a descent rate of 960 ft per minute and a nose-down pitch attitude of -3.1 degrees, resulting in the nose gear contacting the runway first and a hard landing. The airplane came to a stop on the right side of the runway centerline about 2,500 ft from its initial touchdown.’ The full report can be seen here.